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Terms and Conditions


  1. In order to participate in this auction all bidders must register prior to bidding and create a user name. This process is simple and is completely free. All information will be kept on a confidential basis and email addresses or other information will not be sold or provided to any other party. Occasionally, however, registered names might receive follow up emails pertaining to new properties that have become available.

  2. Immediately after an auction closes the winning bidder must pay the $199 processing fee (for document preparation and FedEx shipping) via credit card or PayPal. The purchase package will then be sent FedEx (with a return, pre-paid envelope included) and the winning bidder will have 5-days to return the signed documents and the down payment (personal checks accepted).

  3. Winning bids are considered binding and no refunds (of processing fees, down payments or monthly payments) will be returned.

  4. Bidders who purchase land under this auction are subject to all written terms and conditions herein stipulated, which supersede any and all other agreements or understandings (written or verbal).

  5. Bidders who violate the auction rules or who don’t honor their financial obligations will be blocked from further participation.

  6. GotAcres.com reserves the right to terminate any auction at any time and for any reason.

  7. Seller does WARRANT that:

    • Title to every parcel is valid and marketable (subject only to items shown in Paragraph 8 below).

    • At the time the Buyer pays off the land the Seller will provide a valid DEED and will WARRANT that the property is free and clear of any trust deeds or mortgages.

    • Real property taxes have either been paid, or will be paid when due, covering any and all periods prior to the sale.

  8. Seller DOES NOT WARRANT and assumes NO LIABILITY for any of the following:

    • Unless the parcel has actually been surveyed exact sizes can’t be precisely determined and therefore all sizes are simply the best estimate.

    • Zoning, building codes and other land use restrictions or limitations.

    • Existing roads or insurable access or lack thereof. While most all parcels being auctioned have some form of access easements recorded in the county and some are even located on public roads, it is expressly the responsibility of bidders to contact GotAcres.com and request copies of recorded easements in order to determine for themselves access legality being as GotAcres.com makes no such representations.

    • Utilities, water, power or any other such services of any nature or lack thereof.

    • Mineral rights or the lack thereof.

    • Any claims or liabilities of any nature resulting from the buyer’s improvement and/or use of the property.

    • Any liabilities, limitations, restrictions or diminished values resulting from governmental actions of any nature.

  9. The property is raw, unimproved land being sold on a “AS IS, WHERE IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS” basis.

  10. It is understood that bidders friendly to, or even controlled by, GotAcres.com may occasionally bid on available parcels.

  11. Pictures shown are usually of the parcel being auctioned but occasionally photos might only be in close proximity, but will be a descriptive and an accurate likeness of the parcel.

  12. Buyers are encouraged to inspect properties before bidding and to seek competent legal advice.

  13. The Buyer is solely responsible for locating the property and Seller assumes no responsibility or liability for Buyer's possible failure to locate or identify the specific parcel(s) purchased.

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